Why Doesn’t My Dog Howl? 9 Weird Reasons + What It Means

Why Doesn't My Dog Howl

“Awwwhooooo,” howled your neighbor’s dog. “Awwwhooooo!”, another canine responded. Meanwhile, your pooch is undisturbed. They don’t even bother to look at what’s going on. Whether you find howling dogs cool and want your dog to do the same. Or you’re wondering why you never heard them howl, or why they stopped howling… This article is … Read more

11 Odd Reasons Why Your Dog Drinks So Much Water At Night

Why Does My Dog Drink So Much Water At Night

Notice that your dog drinks so much water at night? It’s a good thing that you’re curious about this occurrence. Why? It’s because this behavior can be connected to medical issues. And the sooner you identify which, the better it is for your dog. In this article, you’ll learn: How overhydration can be as serious … Read more

13 Effective Tips To Get A Sick Dog To Drink Water (Fast)

How To Get A Sick Dog To Drink Water

It can sometimes get worrying when our fur babies get sick. They might go to their vet appointments and take their meds, but… They refuse to drink water. “How will you feel better if you don’t take your fluids, baby?” You’re left asking if there’s anything you can do. Luckily, there are a few tips … Read more

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Ammonia? 5 Questions Answered

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Ammonia

Your dog greets you and you smell something stinky. You take a sniff of their fur and realize… The strong odor is coming from them.  And it smells like ammonia! Oh no… The worst thing is the smell doesn’t go away. Now you’re wondering why and what’s happening. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead…  Continue reading … Read more

This Is Why Your Dog Has 9 Nipples (+ What It Means)

Why Does My Dog Have 9 Nipples

Your dog gets on their back.  They’re looking at you expectantly. So they’re not playing dead.  The universal translation for this is, “Hooman! Rub my belly!” You happily oblige. But as you do, you notice something odd. And not just the synonym for weird. It’s really odd. You inspect your dog more closely. “Two. Four. … Read more

Why Does My Dog Suddenly Have A Lazy Eye? 9 Odd Reasons

Why Does My Dog Suddenly Have A Lazy Eye

Isn’t seeing your dog one of the most wonderful things in your life as a dog parent? Looking at your pooch and them looking back at you is such a heartwarming moment.  But all of a sudden, something is unusual in your exchange of gaze. Your dog’s eye looks somewhat confused.  One is staring at … Read more