7 Reasons Why Pomeranians Like To Cuddle (Affection Guide)

Do Pomeranians Like To Cuddle

Warm and fuzzy balls of good vibes. That’s how I would describe Pomeranians. And if you do, too, I wouldn’t be surprised! They truly are cute and cuddly dogs. Poms love being around us… And we love having them around, too! It’s easy to hug them because of their size and their temperament. But have … Read more

Can Pomeranians Stay Home Alone? 5 Dangers + 5 Tips

Can Pomeranians Stay Home Alone

Does it make you think hard and indecisively… “Can I leave this small and loving Pomeranian alone in the house?” They are so needy and they seem so fragile…right? So, it makes you question whether they can survive being alone… Even for just a few hours…. Read on to find out: 5 dangers of leaving … Read more