Top 10 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Burrow (Under Blankets)

Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow

Watching Chihuahuas snuggle and burrow under a blanket is the most adorable thing! This is normal behavior for the breed. In general, there is nothing to be concerned about. But as a curious paw parent, you might wonder why they do this. In this article, you’ll discover: 10 reasons why Chihuahuas burrow. When you should … Read more

Is It Bad If Your Chihuahua Is Sleeping In Your Bed?

Should You Let Your Chihuahua Sleep With You

Are you wondering whether letting your Chi sleep in your bed is a good thing or not? Angel and Rommel are the pet parents of Bella. She’s a one-year-old Chihuahua. Bella’s parents were arguing on whether they will allow her to sleep in their bed or not.  Angel said allowing Bella to sleep with them … Read more