Why Does My Dog Hit Me With His Paw? Top 10 Reasons

Why Does My Dog Hit Me With His Paw

Picture this. It’s a laid-back day and you’re chilling on the couch.  Your dog comes into the room and sits next to you.  But what happens next has you baffled.  They’re hitting you with their paw.  It has you wondering, “Why?” 3 tips to stop your dog from doing it.  Top 10 reasons why my … Read more

Why Do Dogs Hump The Air? 9 Real Causes + What To Do

Why Do Dogs Hump The Air

You’re not currently playing any pop songs… But your pooch humps the air, and it looks like they’re twerking. It can be both entertaining and bothersome. So what could be the cause of an instant behavior? And should you be worried? In this article, you’ll find out: 9 real causes why your dog humps the … Read more

Why Is My Dog So Calm (All Of A Sudden)? 11 Weird Reasons

Why Is My Dog So Calm

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13 Weird Reasons Why Dogs Lick Other Dogs’ Ears

Why Do Dogs Lick Other Dogs' Ears

Your dog’s unusual habits may not be a surprise to you anymore. But even if you’re already accustomed to most, there are still some behaviors that make you question. “What’s in the other dog’s ear anyway?” and “why does my dog think they’re worth licking?” Good news, this article has you covered.  Continue reading to … Read more